Our philosophy for foster care is person-centered. That means the entire concept of being a foster parent can be molded to best fit the needs of you and your family. 

​We will begin by asking you a few preliminary questions like:

  • ​"How long have you lived in Oklahoma?"

  • "How many people live in your home?"

  • "Do you have any criminal history?​​"

​And a few other questions that you were already expecting anyway. Its that simple to start. We will then discuss how enrollment works and tell you about training that we offer. 

Call us at 918-967-8223.

The impact that foster parents have on children is immeasurable. They will always remember the life they shared in your home. It is our hope that your home and family serve as a strong model of how life can be in a positive and loving household. Our ultimate goal is for the youth that we serve to be able to lead healthy, happy lives that grow into a positive adulthood. 

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We strive to help families by bringing our best and strengthening partnerships because relationships matter!

Foster parents who join our team receive a number of benefits including free upfront training, one-on-one guidance from our friendly office staff, frequent contact from our professionals, and constant availability. You are never alone! We additionally provide strong financial support for your work with our kids. 

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